A Playlist for your next Bonfire

We know how frequently you want to slip into your beds with absolutely no plans on your mind and just relax and read the papers or your favourite old book…

Winter is officially the time to enjoy lone company with self, tucked in a blanket, sipping on a hot cup of chocolate, with music playing in the background to complement the cool wintery mood.

And while you already might have hundreds of playlists for every occasion and mood, we have curated a nice short playlist for your Fall Winter mood that’ll just be enough to play on the loop throughout the day… 

1. Each Coming Night – Iron & Wine 

2. Awolnation – I’m on Fire 

3. Budapest- George Ezra 

4.  Tum Jab Paas – Prateek Kuhad

5. Firefly- Jab Chai Met Toast 

6. Like a Fool – Keira Knightly 

7. Free Fallin – John Mayer 

8. This Towne- Nial Horan 

9. Who do you love- William Wild 

10. Home- Phillip Phillip 

11. Vallis Alps- Young

12. Youth – Daughter

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