A Day For Rejuvenation Retreat : Yoga Day Special

With this goal oriented, fast paced, modern lifestyle, we all have started losing the harmony  between our mind-body relationship. This loss of harmony is taking a toll on our physical as well as mental health. So, we took the International Yoga day as a getaway from our over cluttered  lives. To distress our mind and souls, we planned this early morning yoga session today at our Vajor headquarters.

Ms. Nikita Singh, a renowned yoga trainer, was our sailor for the day. She showed us how yoga simply means union of body, mind and soul.When we started doing yoga our body, mind and energies were aligned to support each other. This yoga session was nothing less than a mental metamorphosis of positive energies and heeling sensations for our body and soul.


It bought together physical and mental disciplines to achieve a peaceful equilibrium.It also helped us in eliminating all those negative blocks hiding in our mind and all those breathing exercises we practiced helped us rid ourselves of stress and anxiety.The session was a relaxing reminder for us about what we are missing out in our lives and how!

Every face from the session is a tell tale of how calming and joyful the session was. The kind of smiles and vibes everybody was sharing was evident enough to evaluate the overall experience of that session. Yoga is not just an exercise but, a way of living and one must opt this lifestyle to lead a healthy and happy life ahead. On this joyous note let us celebrate this yoga day to its fullest.


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