A casual winter date with friends…

Albeit the temperatures have gone drastically down in the past couple of days, the sun is still shining bright on us! We know dressing up in this confusing weather can be quite a task, where you just can’t decide what to wear, hence we created a winter casual look that makes dressing up in this season effortless…


We chose a playful mini dress with a lot of frills at the bottom hem and sleeves to add a fun element to your outfit. The midnight blue and the tan mustard hues together create the magic of  colour-blocking.



Put on a nice pair of tan boots and a chunky neck piece to walk out of the house in style! This dress earns brownie points for its ability to convert into an evening appropriate outfit by throwing a biker jacket or a trench coat over your shoulders in just under five minutes.


For this dress, is a must-have!  

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