A Canvas for Your Art

There is no such thing more fulfilling as creating your own unique piece of art, whether its your rendition of a classical note, your own version of a dance step or your perception of how you see the world with the help of paints and colours. To be able to create something that is entirely based on your imagination, emotion, mood or just inspired by an original work, is creativity par excellence. And one should always continually work towards finding ways to get inspired and get acknowledged for the same.  

An artist creates art from a fragment of their imagination or taking root from an emotion. That piece of art has a purpose which is, to tell a story. That artwork is meant to express itself and spread an idea. And the feeling of contentment comes when the creator can see their art getting acknowledged, getting consumed and getting understood.

Quite recently we collaborated with an artist around the Earth Day campaign #livegently, where the artist came up with a beautiful artwork of her own that Vajor decided to convert into a wall art. Subsequently donating a portion of the sales from the artwork to ‘growtrees.com’, who planted trees on behalf of Vajor for a better, healthier, greener planet.

Vajor is now offering this contentment as an opportunity to all such artists out there. We are calling all artists to share their art with us and in turn, we would share it with the world. All you need to do is start registering from 1st July, 2018 onwards and submit up to 5 of your artworks. You could be an accomplished artist, developing your skills at the minute, keeping a secret sketchbook under your pillow. Or, you could be a photographer, graphic designer, traveler, etc. Honestly, all you need to be is full of ideas and innovation to participate.

And few lucky ones get their artworks converted into beautiful Wall Arts that will be sold under Vajor Decor section on the website and in stores. What’s more, your art would earn you 8% loyalty till one year for every piece of artwork we sell.

We will be announcing the themes for you to choose from on the 30th of June. For any further assistance or queries regarding your submission, you may reach out to us at info@vajor.com. Kindly use “A Canvas For Your Art” as the subject of your email.

You may use the below hashtags while posting on social media:

#canvasforyourart #artistsatvajor

Click here to register: https://www.vajor.com/canvas-for-your-art

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