A Balanced Work-wear Brand : Cape & Cloth

Lately we have witnessed workwear choices are getting very  for women, which often leads to a very clone like and uncomfortable workwear wardrobe for them. In the name of ideal workplace dressing,  many women have to stay stuck with uncomfortable pieces of clothing. However, everybody has their own take on this topic. Especially after that Piers Morgan fiasco, where one of his statement have been interpreted  as a show of support for these so-called restrictive standards for working women. Many women are coming forward and approaching global platforms to share their experiences on how these unrealistic workwear standards at office are ruining  their motivation at work.

While some people are saying it is important to look a certain way at your workplace, and that women in some jobs should have to do so by compromising the comfort part of the outfit. The other half is voicing their defence by saying such a stance is discriminatory.

The whole point of global discussion  is to provide a balance between style and functionality in women’s workwear. Cape & Cloth is the solution. This brand is all about saturating carefree, collegiate vibe to a most comfortable yet work appropriate look. A perfect blend of modesty, style and comfort. This brand is all about anti-gendering the ideal workwear silhouettes and chasing away all those discomfort and disoriented feeling at your workplace. Shoulder pads and power suits are no more required to assert how skillful and efficient you are.

At Cape & Cloth, we believe that your work wear clothing must feel like second skin. Without having the room to function you can hardly be productive at work. Cape & Cloth is all about a mix of contemporary yet comfortable silhouettes, ideal for your workplace. This brand is build with the ambition to bring effortlessness in work wear with an edge of aesthetics.








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