Make your ‘At-Home-Office’ Look More Pinterest-y

And you thought an extended vacation wouldn’t really be a bad idea in the starting of the year… Well, now you got it, whether you like it or not. And we have no option but to accept it, be happy with it and make the most of it. But wait! Who said this ‘Self-Quarantine’ was a vacation anyway? It’s actually not. Whosoever first came up with the idea of ‘Working From Home’ was a genius (we’re now reconsidering this). However, with immense amounts of work pressure on our head and with nothing better to do, most of us end up sitting at a single spot for hours on stretch. So, why not make it BIT (a lot actually) more comfortable, beautiful, welcoming to the eye to make your “At-Home-Office” a place you’d enjoy sitting in. 

Look around you, do you see a living room or a bed or a sofa or maybe even a corner underneath a window with a nice view? Yes, this is exactly what you want. A place in the house that you call your own, where you’re most likely to spend the rest of your life. Now take a closer look again, and see if that space seems inviting enough or you just want to laze around in that space? We all know working from home is not just about typing but it also calls for important video calls that makes your space quite visible to the rest of your colleagues. And trust us, no matter how accomplished you are, a shabby corner in a conference call is all it takes to raise some eyebrows.


Point number one to have a really nice workspace would be to find a place where there is ample sunlight. ‘Let There Be Light’ and positivity for as long as quarantine goes on. 

You can also revamp your space to squeeze in your office. Make way for a desk or some shelves to keep your things organized. A neat desk is always a sign of a well organised and sorted mind.

Add in a little bit green if you’re an outdoor person and miss your afternoon runs after work. Opt for plants that can bloom indoors and act as air purifiers. 

Whether you like things minimalist or are a boho at heart, make your at-home-office look like what you’ve always dreamt of. It might not have to be ‘Pinterest-perfect’, but all it needs to do is reflect ‘you’. 

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