5 Mindful Travel Tips Worth Remembering!

Who doesn’t like travelling? But at the same time, travelling can be a bit overwhelming. With so much to see, to experience, so much to explore around every street, every nook and corner, with so much to inspire you, enlighten you, grow you, that the constant coming face to face with something totally unexpected that might change you all together is probably one of the most electrifying experiences of travelling. And when we travel, within those stipulated days, we want to experience, see, and feel everything. This is where the true essence of traveling gets lost. We often travel to remove ourselves from the daily routines of hustle, and to end up coming home from your vacation all exhausted with no signs of rejuvenation is far from the idea you first took the vacation for. At times, all you desire is to be still and not think about anything, to sit and listen to the birds chirping in the lap of nature, to be able to just sit at a cafe and observe people sitting around you while listening to your favourite boy band is all you need to focus on sometimes ignoring the whirling world within our minds. By practicing just a few mindful rituals, habits and routines while travelling can make all the difference to really make you enjoy your journey as well as your destination.

Meditate:  Travelers lose things that are precious to them, make strong bonds with people they might never meet again, and are always sporty of their plans falling apart. Through mindfulness and meditation, one can learn to embrace the impermanence of nature.

Sit Spot: Whether you are at a place for a week or 10 days, having a ‘Spot’ to sit where you can just observe the people, or a mountain view can just deeply connect you with your time and most of all yourself. 

Connect: In this age of social media and internet, people are glued to their screens often ignoring people sitting beside them. On a trip, talk and connect with the locals around you even if you won’t meet them again. Coming back with new stories is always a plus point.

Slow down: Slowing down within the process of travelling, and make up a routine. A routine as simple as going to the same breakfast joint will help you connect with people and help you be more mindful by focusing on the present without any need to rush. 

Gratitude: The world is a beautiful place and whenever you get a chance to experience it, say ‘Thank You’. Take back stories, moments and things from the place to make you remember it for years. 

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