An Ode to Eclectic Boho Decor

With Boho vibe taking over the world by a storm, there is a shift from classic, cleaner looks to something which is much more relaxed. A complete contradiction from the straight-forward simple yet timeless pieces to decking up of homes with a collection of patterns, fabrics, bold and bright colours, vintage pieces and of course add-ons from the urban chic world. Vajor, being a modern Boho brand gives you a wide spectrum of decor items to pick from, that is fresh and definitely gives a new spin to your space and decor.

The ‘Bohemian’ culture trickles down from Boho travelers who were originally from the eastern European region of Bohemia, where these nomads led unconventional but creative, beautiful and artistic lives often adapted and adopted from the regions, cultures they visited. These mix of cultures was what reflected in their lives and spaces and gave rise to an interesting and eclectic melting pot. There was a method to this madness which now the world knows as ‘Urban/Modern Boho’ vibe. Read on to know Vajor’s take on ‘Home’, where Boho is modern, refined, vibrant with an amalgamation of cultural styles from the past keeping in mind the contemporary needs of its tribe as well…

Rusty Coasters and Vintage Tea Box


Calming Salt Lamps


Earthy Planters and Bird Bath


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