#Self-Love: Neha Doodles

“Doodling turned out to become a much-needed orifice to vent out my feelings and to express how I looked at and felt about the little things happening around me. ”says Neha whose doodles mirror her sensitivity towards the little details.

Creating some of the quirkiest ” artwerks ” in town, she is a walking ball of happiness and hue. Her famous Instagram handle, which goes by the name ‘Neha Doodles’, is her safe haven where she posts, shares and expresses her feelings about the mundane little things of daily life. Her most loved works of art center around her favorite subjects – her mother and pet dog Minty.

Doing her little to spread love and happiness through her illustrations, Neha believes that love starts at the centre of YOU. “I think over the years, we’ve been conditioned to think that putting yourself before others is a selfish act. And that’s how most people don’t end up really loving and nurturing themselves. How would you love the people around you if you couldn’t even love yourself?” says Neha.

Very inexpressive as a kid, she strongly believes that expression is a good way to love and embrace who you are as a person. Drawing and creating comical illustrations about the day-to-day humdrum gave her a chance to express and share how she was feeling at that exact moment which she otherwise couldn’t as a kid.

When asked about what self-love means to her, she replies, “I think everyone should indulge in some ‘me time’ every day. And do not stop at that. Create something in that time. Create something that helps you put yourself out there. Create something that helps you let out what’s inside. Create something that stays with you.”

We all can take something from what Neha Doodles sets out to give to her audience. Let’s not forget to love ourselves in order to love others better.

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