#VajorStyle – A Photo Journal

Everyday we work towards giving the best experience to our customers. With best in class and quality products, and trying to build a story around every garment that we come out with. And at the end of the day when you see people wearing your brand, flaunting your creatings with utmost confidence and vogue, there is no denying that you feel that you have achieved what your strived for and feel on the top of the world…

We will be featuring some of the best pictures taken while wearing Vajor or with Vajor products as our tribute to our community members. And if you want to have a feature with us too, dont forget to use #vajorstyle!

Read on to check out some amazing images… 

Pavithra Acharya from ‘Twisted Coco’

Ankita Jaiswal from ‘Soulful Safarnama’

Vishakha Bhaskar from ‘Love them Curves’

Ridhi Sharma from ‘The Fit Misfits’

Divya Dugar from ‘Dugardd’

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