Gingham Is The New Millennial Pink!

When you are a sucker for all things French, like Wine, Croissants, Eiffel Tower, Brigitte Bardot and the song La Vie En Rose of course, then there is a 90% chance that this year your wardrobe and outfits will comprise of a fashion must-have: Gingham!

We left 10% out, because we know there is always something new you can never have enough of and yes we give you that liberty as well!

But Gingham! Oh Gingham, is definitely here to stay… It’s a fresh alternative to florals, has a peppy vibe like polka and is clean and chic like stripes. Gingham has been on the trend radar on and off, but this time we have played on with the print and given you two hot-sellers that we are sure you’ll have a hard time picking between the two. *Cough* Pick Both *Cough*

For a casual look, we pick this gorgeous dress that has a contrast of pop colour with a touch of embroidery and tiers that makes it a perfect Sunday morning look in the sun. Style it with a sling and candy-pop sunglasses to complete your look…

A more formal look calls for this stunning sleeveless jumpsuit with a relaxed breezy silhouette. Opt for studded mules along with a bold pair of sunnies to keep the look elegant yet edgy.  

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