Just the Decor you Need for a Refreshing Summer!

Who doesn’t want to come back to a space of their own which welcomes you, makes you feel relaxed, helps you unwind and most importantly looks good and pleasing to the eye… And as you might be looking for ways to smoothly transition your space from wintery hues to summer pastels and mood, Vajor launched its most recent collection, ‘Breathe Easy’ that is completely resonant of the ongoing summer season!

With a laid back boho vibe, and a fresh colour palette, the collection feels like an ice cold glass of summer punch! The home decor for the month focuses on being boho and earthy without compromising on the beauty aspect of it. From fragrant candle jars, to multi-utility glass and spice holders, along with wooden coasters that bring chicness to your dining settings, is a must from this month’s ‘Breathe Easy’. Also to look out for are the quirky wall arts and lovely tasseled wall hangings that are perfect to add some life and element to your bare walls. Housing another exciting home decor accessory are the beautiful floral tapestries that instantly add colour and personality to your walls and rooms. Inspired by the Moroccon culture, this month’s collection is everything you need to welcome boho vibes at your place…

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