18 Things to do before the Year ends!

The year is coming to an end and as we come close to getting hit by 2018 in the face and act as if it’s just another year (who are we kidding?), most of us are panicking about things we haven’t done yet. We sure made a resolution like always in the beginning of the year we never stuck by, and started jotting down endlessly on our To-Do journals, most of us hardly ever went back to those journals ever. Let’s be honest here… But don’t lose hope as of now, for it’s just the beginning of December, there are still a lot of days, and we have listed down 18 things you can do before the year ends to help you get sorted and enjoy the remaining few days as the year comes to an end!

1. Go for solitary walks and introspect the year that has been. Not with a phone in your hand.  

2. Go on a date with self.

3. Let a close one know how much they matter in your life. Not yourself in the mirror.

4. Make one last attempt at finishing the book you started. Fail again.

5. Be more grateful.

6. Go visit a new place. Not your nearby grocery store you can buy chips and soda from.

7. Donate those old ‘brand-new’ clothes you never wore or will.

8. Try cleaning your room and making mother dear happy. Keep Trying…

9. Adopt a plant.

10. Get off social media for a day. Yes, that includes WhatsApp.

11. Teach your pet a new trick.

12. Do a sleepover with friends and do one crazy thing.

13. Make a plan with your old friends you have been avoiding for too long.

14. Try on a new hairstyle you might/ might not regret later.

15. Eliminate one unhealthy habit you have been wanting to eliminate.

16. Do a rerun of your favourite movie/shows once again.

17. Try not to forget about your bucket list the very next minute you make it.

18. Shop from Vajor. Lol! Already done.


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