Trend Alert: Poncho

Getting all set to embrace the winter with a boho vibe? Well, we know exactly what you should be looking at to tell the chilly weather to ‘Chill Out!’ and look your best without sacrificing your sense of style…

Ponchos are on everyone’s checklist this season, and it is that one trend that never goes out of style. As the season and the trend blooms with the coming days, now is the perfect time to lay your hands on the most versatile winter wear. The kind that can even replace your ol’ school denim jacket or your very chic work trench. Don’t freak out! It’s true.

Since Ponchos tend to dominate your overall outfit, it’s better to go for minimalist styling for your bottoms and footwear with jeans and boots respectively. And the best part is, it leaves you with enough room to have fun even during the winters and not feel stuffed with millions of layers underneath. No Literally!


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