The Most Haunted Night at Vajor HQ

 A mummified horse-faced mannequin, scary jack-o-lanterns, faux blood stains on disjointed limbs and lights, rustling of the dried leaves, creepily disgusting masks worn by fellow colleagues and the constant spooky sound effects playing in the background was what made Halloween at Vajor HQ quite… well, interesting.

One can’t possibly sit upright and not chew on your nails or hair when the eerie atmosphere of ghost story telling is prevailing in the air. You can’t possibly NOT help but shriek and run away when you are being spooked by your “frankenstein-esque – mask – wearing” Boss with utmost determination. And one ends up taking a pledge to never come back again!

On one hand the story telling session ensured we all had a spooky halloween night, on the other hand, it was one of those activities that got the team to discover each other better. Sharing freaky life experiences with colleagues does get you out of your comfort zone and be “well acquainted”! It turned out to be a great bonding exercise, with most of the people sitting joint at the hip or holding hands! (the stories were creepy, trust us!)

While all of it made sure we stay awake the entire night and keep looking over our shoulders  for potential ghosts, we thought you might want to scroll through and have a taste of it.





























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