The making of festive imprints collection

Walking down the by-lanes of Rajasthan, one can find themselves strolling through one of the most beautiful towns located there. It’s not the art or the architecture that attracts the mesmerized eyeballs, but the smell of the dyes, the colour splattered walls, on the the lungis and the vests of the printers and the legacy carriers of the art of Sanganeri hand-block printing…

Born out of the lanes of Sanganer, and ever since bringing life to mundane cloths of fabric, adding a touch of element with intricately crafted blocks of designs, and with the ability to pour in the traditional aesthetics into the modern silhouettes, there cannot be a time or a person who would not have experienced the happiness of owning a piece of block-print typical to Sanganer ever.

Almost as old as the country itself, block printing came into being in India in the 16-17th century, and has since then taken a special place in the hearts of many. The constant wars between the Mughals and Marathas caused several craftsmen to migrate from Gujarat to Rajasthan but ultimately found its haven in Sanganer, where it has been thriving ever since… Carrying a unique story behind each print, the trademark of Sanganer is the use of traditional dyes and eye catching floral motifs. Typically a Sanganeri print would comprise anything ranging from the birds to flowers to petals to buds and even leaves of different shapes.

Call it help reviving the slowly dying artform, our deep adulation and admiration for the artisans, or the mystical designs that transform the garments by breathing life into them… Our continuous visits to the village of Sanganer, Jaipur didn’t go to waste, for it led to the creation of our most recent collection, the ‘Festive Imprints’, thus making it richer and more meaningful than ever before…  


Floral Peach Pleated Dress


Muted Mauve Tiered Dress


Festal Olive Gold Kaftan


Botanical Maroon Pleated Dress


Cerulean Blue Flared Set


Botanical Tangy Blue Dress

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