3 Indian Musician we are in love with

Music is a very powerful tool that transforms you into different beings. They say its food for soul. Inspiration at Vajor HQ is ever flowing be it any department we are always talking about various kind of music doesn’t matter what genera we Love to talk about music and yes listen to it all the time… so here we decided to share 3 Indian musicians we are totally in love with…as we think Good music deservers more listeners.


Prateek Kuhad

Imagine Rooftop get together with very close friends some wine and cozy ambience his music is the kind of music you would want to play. Simple, soulful & indie his music just transfers you into this calm and peaceful place in your head. This multi lingual singer and songwriter is defiantly one of the most promising artists of independent Indian music scene and we are officially obsessed with this gentleman’s voice, which is so effortless and calm. So here we are sharing one of our favorite Hindi track “Tune Kasha”




Maati Baani

Kartik Shah & Nirali Kartik this husband wife duo are seriously disrupting the music industry in a big way imagine Co-creating a track with 11 musicians from all over the globe without travelling even a single mile! Just with the help of technology… yes!! These musical geniuses are pushing the box further with every track they release. Working with artiest from Rajasthan to Paris they believe music is a universal language as cliché it may sound wait till to hear their music. We had the opportunity to meet both of them at an event. You know when you meet a person or a musician and if they are humble and down to earth you enjoy their music even better. Well that’s the case with us. Sharing “Balma from Maati Baani”





Ok we all have our crazy sides… while we love Indie & soulful music we do enjoy crazy tracks and funky beats. Nucleya aka Udyan Sagar is defiantly a game changer. Mixing all the Indian tunes with dubstep and creating one hell of a track is his specialty. No matter how urban or modern we become we all love a desi tune and Nucleya understands that need. Whenever Nucleya tracks are playing at our HQ we all are working in very fast motions its like our go to music to pick up our speed specially when we have strong deadlines to follow for launch of our collections. We can’t wait to see him play live and looking forward to more tracks. Fun fact he only works 6 months in a year and other 6 months he is just chilling no wonder whatever limited tracks he put out are very exclusive. Sharing a track from favorite album “Bass Rani”



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