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Among the many moments in life, when the adrenaline rush thrives and the monotony of life comprises itself in a time frame ever so characteristic and dynamic, is the “festive season”. As fashion enthusiasts we know there are seasons and there are trends, but nothing beats that surreal feeling when there is a new trend in the shape of a new day, each day. From much awaited get togethers with family to endless conversations till the wee hours of the morning. From card parties with friends to all those exciting food menus. From the absolutely necessary shopping trips to planning for all the upcoming weddings. The festive season is a bountiful of moments and occasions and definitely calls for special outfits for each. So as you chalk out your schedules, your dressing woes rest with the amazing fashion house that Vajor is. I’ve associated with team Vajor to curate for you guys three looks, from Festive collection and Festive Limited Edition, which can be styled in multiple ways and can be taken from day to night with minimal effort. I am thrilled and super excited to bring these to you.


My endeavor while creating the first look was to personify how I dress-up during this season. Though the inclination remains to adorn Indian, the festive season sets the perfect backdrop to try more contemporary silhouettes. For my first look, I styled this modish version of the Indian Kurta. I absolutely love the print on it and I feel it is a statement in its own right. To complement the same, I added a bindi in a strong mustard to bring all the colours together and to reflect a contrast in Indian and contemporary tones. For me this outfit is a reflection of the onset of the festivities, a calm and composed start for all the extravagance that follows this season. I recommend this outfit for the day when you are attending guests, having luncheons or for pujas. For the night, I would like to style this outfit with my favourite pair of stilettoes, statement earrings and deck up my hair with some marigold or jasmine flowers.

_MG_8710 copy

_MG_8814 copy


The second remains my favourite look from the series because it gave me a chance to exhibit my inner Dolce and Gabbana girl. I absolutely love the gold tones in this outfit which so gracefully reflect the setting golden light of Fall. A textured skirt and a stylishly structured top calls for smidgen yet impactful styling. This look is perfect for all those card parties you’ll be hosting and attending. Add on a pair of statement earrings or a neck-piece or a headband like me if you reckon, and you are bound to make many heads turn. I am sure you’ve experimented and explored multiple dressing options when it comes to festive dinners and parties – from complete Indian to completely western – a look like this stylishly sits in between and is a winner in all respects. We know that during this period, your routine gets happily hectic. With all the running about, it can be difficult saving those feet for the dance floor. Which is why, I finished the look with those gorgeous wedges that are extremely comfortable and give the outfit the proportions it demands without making it look bulky.

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_MG_9074 copy

_MG_8969 copy

_MG_9055 copy

The final look I curated for Vajor is for all those who take dressing-up as a playing field and know that they are in it to win it. Initially, I was a bit jittery while styling this outfit but when I got into action, I knew that it required minimal styling as the beauty of it lies in its magnetism. Allowing the outfit to be the central focus, I pinned my pair in a sleek bun, complementing the strong silhouette of the outfit and finished off the look with an ear cuff. Especially during Diwali, when the time comes for action, the last thing you want is to worry about the multiple elements in your look. Which is why an outfit that speaks for itself is ideal. It lets all the fashion trends do the talking while you head-out for the hustle, bustle and bang and to life in its complete glory.

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_MG_9168 copy copy

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Written By: Agam


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