Having a brand identity that is related strongly to its roots, Vajor is all about embracing the varied nature of cultural traditions we live in and around. We strive to expand our horizon a little more everyday to become the ultimate tool of self-expression for our clientele. As a brand, we aim to touch hearts of our consumers through our products, that we develop keeping in mind their concerns.

To see our message of being free-spirited and comfortable in one’s own skin reach out to our community successfully is always a delight. It is a pleasure to associate ourselves with people that share the same ideology as us, and Ashima Gandhi of @straystyle does that for us. In her recent photo story ”Rainbow Scarves” that rejoices different ethnicities and their traditions, Gandhi has talked about a strong belief of ours – fashion is not just about following the latest trends, but it is also about taking trends and adding your individuality, thereby making it your own. The photo story features Vajor Scarves & Jewellery styled in different traditional ways, celebrating diverse ethnicities, which we firmly believe in.

Discover how Gandhi appreciates different cultures using Vajor products below:

“Twice as shy,

A girl in the rainbow scarf.

Adorns her own tale,

She’s her own muse and mine.

Wrapped around her unconventionality,

Hummed as she walked.

In her kindness and endure,

She offered all her scarves.

Layer upon layer, a scarf is not a veil to hide the beauty beneath; the charm is adorned with a scarf. It can turned and twisted for a perfect bow-tie, neck-tie and a headscarf.
Personally, I have forever been in love with african turbans, hijab and some easy twisted headbands. I have been experimenting with the drape and collecting them since a long time now and every time it feels as good as the first time.

A scarf affords a mean to synthesise environmental needs with a cultural tradition. An integral part of identity in one’s culture, religion, beliefs and style. The diversity and the way its embraced in many cultures is something that had always intrigued me. I wanted to listen to the individual voices of women from different cultures and how a piece of cloth is both relevant and personal to them.

Gorgeous summer scarfs and exquisite pieces of accessories by Vajor was all I had in my mind.
The colour and pattern of the scarf was chosen by each woman and the scarfs were worn as one’s own. There were emotions and subtle messages for one’s to read. With every tie and a knot, there was a smile on their faces and a beautiful exchange.

In a room filled with women with many stories of a headscarf there was a lot to express and learn.
They swayed, hummed and danced with a scarf in the hand. Unbounded and unhindered, creating a new way for modernity and tradition to coexist in the most natural and melodious way for all.”







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