Times may change, but a few things never go out of style. Some trends carry on exuding their charm and become staples in every fashion lover’s closet due to their endless elegance and ethereal vibe. Radiant silver jewelry is one such trend that remains a classic even after all these years, all over the fashion world.


We, at Vajor, know an eternal beauty when we see one. Being lovers of fashion, we know that the everlasting grace of ageless fashion is beyond compare to the thrills of fast-paced trends. And so, for the same reason, we have curated a faultless selection of transcendent silver jewelry that is timeless and will continue to remain so. Developed with great attention to all its aspects, every bit looks like a dream with its fine detailing and divine ornamentation.


We have added a dash of Vajor in the mix by telling a story through the motifs and patterns of the jewelry with gems, beads and coins. Pops of turquoise, indigo, coral, and white dominate the color bursts, among other smidgens that cameo in this jewelry jumble. Featuring this play of jewels that adorn the pieces, a hint of color is added to the oxidized silver which prevents monotony and adds little trinkets of interest.


The free-spirited, bohemian feel of the jewelry reflects Vajor and its persona perfectly. The infinite style factor of this exquisite mélange adds versatility to your wardrobes – something Vajor is all about. This assortment is a colossal incorporation of enduring designs with a touch of contemporary that will accentuate your ensemble whether you stack them, layer them or go singular.


Be it rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, handcuffs or anklets, we have everything a jewelry junkie could wish for. Select through the jewelry pieces hand-picked for you to help you level up every outfit you could possibly wear. The minimal, the statement or the finessed; you name it, Vajor has it.

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