Colour Undiluted: Behind The Collection

We are bidding 2016 adieu with a solid story! The collection of the month “Colour Palette” is as crisp as a winter breeze. So, what is it that makes it the perfect climax for the year? As is the case with each collection Vajor comes up with, “Colour Palette” has the most intriguing origin. Here is an undiluted take on what went behind the collection…

It can not be more evident than it is in the ensembles. The December collection is narrating the most captivating story of the retro trend Colour-Blocking! It is the result of exploring opposite colours on the colour wheel and pairing them together to make interesting, complementary combinations.

Turn the pages of art history, or take the word of a wide number of historians, colour-blocking is believed to be inspired from the works of Piet Mondrian. A turn of the century artist, Mondrian’s paintings are a collection of stark lines & flat squares. The Dutch painter much valued simplicity and worked with abstract geometric shapes. He later went on and named this style of painting as Neo-Plasticism. His art inspired the fashion world, as well as home decor and baked goods.


There are many reasons behind Colour-Blocking being a great trend till date. Being an abstract art form, it gives the designers the space and ease of creating illusions. When cleverly applied, colour-blocked clothing can be used to accentuate body shapes and flatter different body types.

Many artists, architects and designers have utilised the power of colour-blocking and the results have been mesmerising. Vajor’s “Colour Palette” collection incorporates the powerful trend with our classic, clean, wearable aesthetics to bring statement & artistic pieces to your wardrobe. Shop the iconic collection now and make it a bold and beautiful December 2016!

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