12 Ways to Support Mother Earth

You don’t have to be an environmentalist or a nature lover to show your love towards nature, small things in daily life can make a huge difference. Vajor is celebrating Earth Day throughout this month and we believe that celebrating earth day should not be restricted to one day. We need to work towards our better future, so that we can sit back and enjoy Mother Earth in all its glory…


Take a look at some ways that are easy to follow and won’t require much efforts:

1) Indoor greenery can be maintained by including planters in your space. And a mini kitchen-garden will serve the dual purpose of providing you with fresh herbs as well as clean air.


2) Build a birdhouse. Let your garden or plants be a haven for wildlife. After all, even they need a house to live in!


3) Use LED, CFL and other such bulbs to save your energy consumption. The money that gets saved, can always be put to better use…

4)Clean litter in your community. Just by keeping your house clean won’t help unless you step out of you boundaries to do your bit…


5)Ride a cycle to work. Saves fuel, does not cause pollution, and will definitely help you stay fit!


6)Well, not everyone has a cycle at their home. Not many know how to ride one. Don’t worry, you can always carpool your way to work…

7)Save water by taking quick baths, turning off a faucet while brushing. You can even wash your car with the remaining washing machine water… Plus, it will have loads of foam. FUN!

8)Instead of wrapping your gifts in expensive wrapping sheets, wrap them in newspapers next time. Also let the person receiving the gift know, “Don’t judge a Gift by its cover!”


9) For people who still might judge you because of the newspaper wrapping, gift them a plant instead. There is no one in this world who does not like plants…


10) Spread awareness around you to help save earth for the future. Do you want your kids to blame you and your generation when they grow up? NO.

11) Avoid using plastic bags to carry stuff like groceries. Instead opt for paper bags or jute bags that much more sturdy.

12) Take time out to enjoy nature. Says it all…



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