​Mangalgiri Revisted

For our Festive Collection we decided to revisit the age old Mangalgiri. Let’s talk a little about this beautiful handicraft which stems from a place 12 kms away from Vijaywada ( a city in Andhra Pradesh) named Mangalgiri itself which is known for its pilgrimage importance because of the famous temple of Lord Panakala Narasimha Swamy.


There’s an ancient tradition that involves every person to purchase a sari from the local weavers after offering obeisance to the lord, which was another way of giving livelihood to the local weavers. Thus grew the popularity of the Mangalgiri sari.


Process – The Making Of The Mangalgiri:


So at the beginning, cotton yarns are procured from mills, which are then boiled in caustic soda in order to make them suitable for dyeing. After the yarns have been dyed in the desired colours, they are sun dried, before they are all set for weaving.
Fabrics are only woven on the pit loom, which enables the weaver to exert much more force during the weaving process without any gaps.



Distinguishing Factor – What makes it stand out:

The Mangalgiri Saree has no embellishments on its main body. It has a zari or golden thread work embellished Nizam border and pallu. These geometrical and simple designs are inspired by the tribal designs. Owing to its simplistic patterns, durability of the cotton, colours and wearability, it has led to a great demand overseas.


How We Made It Our Own:

Vajor is known for it’s fast fashion aesthetics, so it was a mini challenge on how to give this beautiful weave a touch of what we stand for. We accomodated western cuts and body-flattering patterns, with a lot of threadwork. Our Design Team had a lot of fun playing around with the zari border, by intelligently placing it at the belt, using it as a frame for a yoke or even as a placket.


To sum it up, it was a collection where we felt the need to promote weaves that are developed on looms and encourage people to look at handicrafts in a different light. That’s the beauty of the textiles present in our country, they are so flexible, it’s only about how one adds their personality to it.


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